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  • Use Dose/Toxicological/Health basis for calculation of limits
  • Define limit terminology as per your company practices
  • Apply default limits or use calculated values
  • Configure grouping criteria to obtain most relevant worst case product
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Dashboard & Reporting

  • Report only those limits of interest
  • Customize report templates based on your requirement
  • Track all reports in a single window
  • Use audit trail to keep track of actions
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Team Collaboration

  • Set user permissions and create custom roles
  • Manage data and workflows on a single platform
  • Keep your entire team in sync, no matter where they are located
  • Use e-signatures to make report approval secure and seamless

Is it not time that your company moved away from spreadsheets?

Consider this:

  • 9 out of 10 spreadsheets have errors. A major bank lost more than $6 billion in its "London Whale" incident, in part due to Excel spreadsheet errors.
  • As data grows, spreadsheets feel the pressure and often crash. To overcome this, businesses often maintain multiple files with smaller data sets. However, this can be both inefficient and error prone.
  • Spreadsheets are a blank slate. The lack of predefined formulae and algorithms in spreadsheets increases user accountability for the calculated results.

eResidue manages the entire residue limit calculation and worst case determination process in a central, secure and regulated environment generating efficiency gains.